Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Latest MADMA to JOIN in M.A.D.Friendship - MAKE.YOUR.DIFFERENCE.

Hidden Dragon Karate-Do
Sensai Ann-Marie Anderson Cheif Instructor
Goju Karate Club

Sensei John De Berardinis Chief Instructor
SYDNEY, Australia

Dakota Dragons
Grand Master Paul Dyer
PLEASE CHECK OUT GM Paul Dyers "M.A.D. MAKE.A.DIFFERENCE.Mission" and say Hi !!

"Pure MA-Understanding & Philosophy"
Shihan Shaun
Pure MA-understanding/philosophy
Karate - Wing Chun - Tai chi- 30 years.
Single goal in humble way to help others on their journey ... with every fibre a willingness to help others.
A honoury member of MADMA, taking a respectful interest in MADMA mission.
Sensei Jonathan Kruger
Our club the Kodokwan more populary called
Kumasamba Judo club which means "sunset in the west"
ONE of MADMAJonathans MISSIONS Go to : http://medalofkar.com

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

NOT NEW to M.A.D. Making.A.Difference. Master Jun Lee

Welcome to MADMA.Master Jun Lee
Founder of http://JONGSHINDO.com
Connecting MA for a BETTER FUTURE !!!
Together We ALL Make.A.DIFFERENCE>
MADMAJoe the http://GATESMASTER.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Further you Go the more M.A.D. U Go !!!

Here we are in 2012 - Wishing you Bigger Success on your M.A.D.Mission !!!!
You MAKE.A.DIFFERENCE. and you know that ...every bit counts
and the ACTIONM.A.D. / M.A.D.MartialArtists lead the way.
"KIDs are ALL OUR Futures" !! So Many are doing GREAT works that COUNT !!!
Check out F.A.C.A.A. & F.A.C.A. & FightingForLives.com and so many others around the world ...some seen some still to see NEW YORK, Amazing group and Lady Davinia. AWESOME !! 


Sunday, January 9, 2011

WHY ?? ...IT's TIME to Make it HAPPEN !!!

Are you someone or you have a club and you want to "Connect and Make A Difference" then please email me at MADMA2011@live.co.uk for information and updates. Thanks M.A.D.SenseiJoe - MADMARTIALARTISTS
Latest promo Video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvwiaowAi5k

Evil will ONLY take over ...When GOOD people ...Do Nothing !!!
KID's are OUR Future ..look around, what needs to be done, NOW !!